Mismatched Sitting Pretty Cat Socks for Women – Blue & Linen


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Product Description

  • One Size Fits All (US W Shoe (6-10.5)/ Sock (9-11) )
  • Knitted Cat Design
  • Comfortable Materials: Acrylic, Nylon, Spandex Blend
  • Breathable

Everyone loves mismatched socks because they have so much personality. Never was that more true than with these cat socks for women, which call to the hearts of cat lovers everywhere! Their color combination of blue and linen makes them stand out, so that no one will miss the cute little cats popping up all over them. If you’ve never tried mixed color socks before, than these will be a fun pair to start your collection. Pick up a matching pair of cat socks in a different color, and you can mix and match them for more color combinations!

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