Blue & Red Mixed Color Polka Dot Socks for Men


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Product Description

  • One Size Fits All (US M 7.5-12)
  • Polka Dot Design
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • Breathable
  • Durable Elastic
  • Warm & Comfortable Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

From converse to black leather boots, these polka dot socks are so much fun to wear! They are durable so you can take them anywhere. They have a strong elastic band which means they won’t slip and slide into uncomfortable positions, and they always look fashionable. The red that caps them off at the top gives them a classic look, while the mixed color combination of the polka dots in red, white and blues makes them stand out!

They pair well with everything from a cute fall dress to a nice pair of jeans, because they have those soothing shades of blue that so many of us prefer to incorporate in our style. Get them for yourself or indulge a friend; whatever you do, make sure that you have some fun with fashion.

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