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New Socks in a Global Pandemic to Overcome Anxiety

social distancing, two people with six feet between them

The world is on pause and people are barely going outside for anything other than the bare necessities. This new behavioral pattern of social distancing doesn’t give us many reasons to wear socks—or does it?

Cabin Fever While Under Self-Quarantine

If you’re stuck at home like billions of other people around the world, then you no doubt are itching to go outside. You’re probably spending your days in PJs, watching TV and hoping that things will return to normal. It’s a common problem, and your moment of freedom is prepping to go to the supermarket by putting on a mask and gloves, only to stay hyper-sensitive to the people around you, while you maintain a six-foot radius of free space. When this is all over, you will no doubt experience a bit of social anxiety. But what if you could perform different rituals to overcome your cabin fever?

Morning Rituals, Socks, and Shoes

Try this: each morning, dress up as if you are going to work. This includes putting on your work clothes, including a pair of cool socks and your favorite shoes. Sit in your work clothes for a moment, and then take them off. This small ritual may sound silly, but it can help to break the monotony of each day blending together.